Unique to McIntosh


Founded in 1949 by Frank McIntosh, we have been led by sonic excellence form the very start. Throughout the years McIntosh has grown and evolved, propelled by an insatiable passion for sound and amplification. We have constantly challenged ourselves to elevate the art of sound reproduction.

Sound is not just a product of what we create; iit is the very core of our being. Sound is the heartbeat that resonates within our products, connecting music lovers to the soul-stirring power of music. Uncompromising in our pursuit of perfection, our devotion to sound has become the very fabric of who we are.



We believe that sound plays a powerful role in how we understand and interpret the world. We design and engineer tools that empower artists to take their sound anywhere they can envision, whilst delivering the purest sound experience possible. Owning a piece of McIntosh makes us part of your journey to a better sound experience. We inspire and we elevate the audio landscape.


Hear the smallest detail


Since 1970, the McIntosh Acoustic Engineering team has been dedicated to creating home audio speakers capable of reproducing a live musical performance as accurately as possible. Designing a great loudspeaker is as subjective as it is technical. The acoustic balance of a home audio or home theater speaker, even with computer assistance, must, in the end, be fine tuned by experiences ears.

Combining sonic finesse with the power handling capabilities necessary to transport you to a live performance is the hallmark of McIntosh home audio and home theater speakers.