Proto Hologram

Proto Luma Hologram Device



Embark on an extraordinary journey into the realm of holograms with the Proto Luma, a testament to innovation meticulously crafted by Proto. This life-sized hologram spatial computing device effortlessly unveils captivating holograms in both real-time and prerecorded formats. With its sleek design and unparalleled precision engineering, the Proto Luma sets the stage for a truly immersive experience, beckoning to explore a world where reality and imagination intertwine. Travel case and 1 year Proto software license included with purchase.

Color: Black
Product Details

Proto Luma enables life size holograms of any person, object, or experience in hyper-real detail.

Payment Process

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Luma specs with wheels:

Height: 88”

Width: 50.25”

Depth: 23.75”

Weight: 529 lb/240 kg

Luma + Travel case specs:

Height: 96”

Width: 63.7"

Depth: 30”

Weight: 750 lbs/340kg

Shipping & Delivery Details

Proto will assist with shipping and freight logistics. Product will ship approximately 8 weeks after the order is placed.

Aftercare & Warranty

One year warranty included.

Optional 3 year extended warranty $5,500

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