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McIntosh MT10 Precision Turntable


Private Order

With tracking force, anti-skate, and cartridge position preset at the factory, the McIntosh MT10 Precision Turntable delivers high-performance LP playback with minimal setup. A custom tonearm features a rigid, dural-aluminum arm-tube gimbaled in two sapphire (horizontal) and two ceramic (vertical) bearings for the least possible friction. A .5mV moving coil cartridge is included and features an ebony body with an elliptical stylus. Enjoy a new level of music with the MT10 turntable.

Specification Guide

This is a special order product that requires an audio consultation with a specialist, please request an introduction.

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Product Details

The MT10 is designed and built with precision engineering to deliver exceptional performance. Its solid construction with high-quality materials ensures durability and stability during operation. The plinth of the MT10 is meticulously crafted to minimize vibration and resonance, providing a stable platform for the turntable components. This helps in maintaining accurate playback and reducing any unwanted noise or distortion. The turntable has a heavyweight platter designed to offer consistent rotational speed and minimize flutter. The platter is engineered to provide smooth operation and excellent playback performance. The MT10 is equipped with a high-performance tonearm designed to provide precise tracking and accurate reproduction of vinyl records. The tonearm is meticulously calibrated to ensure optimal performance and minimal distortion.

Payment Process

Our concierge will connect you to an authorized McIntosh dealer near you for an audio consultation. You will transact with the dealer once your audio assortment has been finalized.


See Specification Guide

Shipping & Delivery Details

Product ships 60-120 days from the time of order.

Aftercare & Warranty

The original owner that this Product shall be free from defects in workmanship or materials for a term of three (3) years from the date when it was purchased from an Authorized McIntosh Dealer. Provided, however, that rather than the three (3) years of coverage afforded the Product generally, where applicable, vacuum tubes contained in our Products are warranted for 90 days from the date of purchase, hard disc drives and projector lamps contained in our Products are warranted for one (1) year from the date of purchase. Provided, further, that where required by state law applicable at the time of purchase, instead of commencing on the date of purchase the foregoing warranties shall commence on the date specified in such law.

Return Policy

You will receive the policy at the time of purchase with an authorized McIntosh dealer.

McIntosh may at its sole option either replace the Product without charge, or if replacement is not commercially practicable or repair or replacement cannot be accomplished within a reasonable time, McIntosh may refund the purchase price of the Product.



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