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Leggia Hydro Leather Chair




Leggia Hydro Leather Chair, a captivating creation by Baxter, meticulously designed by the talented Antonino Sciortino in Italy. This chair is not just a seat; it's a sculptural expression of modern design and functionality.

Crafted with precision, the Leggia chair features a frame in zinc-coated and matte black-varnished metal reinforcing rod, showcasing a unique blend of strength and elegance. The hydro leather upholstery adds a luxurious touch, creating a seamless fusion of comfort and style.

Product Details

Transform your living space with the Leggia Hydro Leather Chair by Baxter, where every detail reflects the brand's commitment to excellence. Immerse yourself in the artistic brilliance of Antonino Sciortino's design, bringing Italian craftsmanship and contemporary aesthetics into your home. Experience the luxury of a chair that not only offers a comfortable seating experience but also serves as a striking visual centerpiece.

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Frame: frame in zinc-coated and matte black-varnished metal reinforcing rod.

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