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ARMA Instruments

ARMA Instruments G1 MKII Secure Communicator (Set of 2)



The ARMA G1 MKII Secure Communicator is classified as a “dual purpose good” that is a military grade closed network handheld mobile device for person to person (group) messaging designed to prevent advanced adversary cyber attacks/snooping or hacking for Private, confidential, and Top-Secret level compliant communications. The ARMA G1 MKII comes in a set of 2 devices and the most secure handheld personal communicator available on the market today enabling ARMA to fully embrace it’s company motto of “Trust No One”.

Exclusive: Wayne Enterprises upgrade to a future planned Q125' G1/Text & secure encryption voice version or you may transfer to a lesser secure ARMA G6 device planned for Q225'. (see Aftercare(see Aftercare)

Service Subscription: $5,000/annual recurring service charge per device, initial year is included in price.  Subscription includes World-Wide Roaming Cellular Service and 24/7 support.


Product Details

Secure messaging applications/platforms today offer hardly any additional security when hosted on a smartphone. Smartphone technology is complex but at the same time extremely open creating an enormous cyber-attack surface. Passwords and messages for example can be easily read before encryption can even take place on a secure messenger application. To achieve true communication security, it requires purpose built hardware and software in addition to zero-trust design principles. ARMA's secure communications technology is designed to provide the highest level of security achievable in secure communications.

The ARMA G1 was designed specifically for high-valued wealth asset individuals, corporate executives, government officials, echelon military officers etc. or anyone requiring the ultimate in secure personal communications. The G1 brings the best of class security features to the market.

The G1 has several industry first security features such as a server-less infrastructure and ARMA’s patented Dynamic Identity and Virtual SIM capability that allows G1 to morph to another network identity or operator on the fly, making sure you are not susceptible to targeted attacks or tracking. The G1 also includes security features such as anti-tamper and self destruct, no phone number, non extractable keys etc. just to name a few. The G1 protects personal privacy by concealing usage from anyone performing network surveillance(snooping) or traffic analysis. It protects the user's freedom and ability to communicate confidentially and stores no data on network servers preventing unauthorized data retrieval.

The entire ARMA G1 communications platform is designed and manufactured by ARMA Instruments, including the communications software, Linux based ARMA operating system and the electronics. By tailoring the ARMA G1 system to secure messaging we reduced the attack surface to minimal proportions. It has the smallest possible codebase, no 3rd party applications, microphones, NFC, WIFI, Bluetooth, GPS or even a single connector. It charges wireless and connects to the cellular network only.

In comparison to popular software or Ultra Secure Smartphone platforms that attempt to provide secure communication messenger services, like Signal, Telegram, or Whatsapp, ARMA delivers far more than just the software. ARMA provides a complete dedicated purpose built security platform solution that is easy to activate and easy to use right out of the box.

Payment Process

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Chipset ARMA

CPU Arm Cortex-A7/Cortex-M4 Core



Internal storage 8 GB


ARMA virtual SIM OS

Over the air provisioning

Dynamic Identity





LTE Cat 4


Type AMOLED 3.81”

Resolution 1020x1200

Input Capacitive, multi-touch


Dimensions length x width x

height (mm) 115 x 72 x 9

Weight (g) 200 grams

Battery capacity (mAh) 2000

Charging Wireless

Input Tactical rotary encoder,

isolated from the main case using


Dust and water resistance IP65

and IP67 certified

Shock resistance MIL STD 810G




Shipping & Delivery Details

Item delivery four (4) months after purchase. Local taxes and custom fees are the responsibility of purchaser. Product will be shipped via DHL, signature required.

Aftercare & Warranty

ARMA will provide a one time option to upgrade from the ARMA G1/text version to the scheduled Q125' G1/Text & secure encryption voice version at a special minimal one time price. Another option, you may transfer to a lesser secure ARMA G6 device scheduled for Q225'. The secure G6 is a (Secret level compliant vs Top-Secret level compliant like the G1. The G6 will have text, voice, email and file browsing.) There will be a one time minimal cost. Owners who prefer to move to the G6 version will be sent new hardware and their original G1 devices will need to be returned to ARMA and destroyed. This will be only for customers who purchase through Wayne Enterprises.

One (1) year limited warranty included, includes one (1)
time occurrence unit replacement for lost or damage over the life of the unit purchased. Optional extended warranty coverage available at additional cost. Warranty terms provided at www.armainstruments.com

Purchase includes 24/7 online support.
User manual, activation guide & FAQ included at www.armainstruments.com. Additional support options available at additional cost.

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