Abyss Diana MR Premium High-Performance Headphone



DIANA MR headphones are designed to connect audiophiles and head-fi aficionados with professional audio mixing and mastering engineers. The  team at ABYSS developed this highly universal full-range planar headphone with ultra low distortion, near flat frequency response, and smooth addictive clarity to sound. DIANA® MR maximizes listening enjoyment with any level of electronics, from a simple USB dongle through high-end tube and solid state headphone amplifiers, this headphone has a universal sound character  that sounds amazing with them all. 

This Exclusive Bruce Wayne Black Forged Carbon Edition is ready to use out-of-the-box and includes a portable pocket sized Bluetooth headphone DAC / amplifier giving your phone, tablet, or computer a power boost for this high-performance headphone.

Color: Black Forged Carbon
Product Details

The patented newly designed MR planar driver exhibits a flat frequency and phase response with a full natural sound through the bass and midrange, excellent vocals, and an extended high frequency range that's smooth, clear, and true to the source yet never harsh or brash.

With MR you'll hear crazy low level details into the recordings without fatigue, glare, or sibilance. We've instilled the best attributes of high- performance headphones into this one model. The sound is just to die for, effortless and easy. This latest ABYSS Diana MR headphone will fit your head, ears, and brain like it was custom made just for you!

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Made in USA
We CNC machine and finish the all aluminum frame components, produce our own planer speaker drivers, and skillfully assemble with care within our facility in Buffalo, New York. The thinnest and lightest boutique headphone in the world sculpted from aircraft grade aluminum for incredible strength. What we're saying here is build quality, fit and finish of each and every Diana MR headphone is impeccable, absolute best in the industry! High quality leather headband with soft race-car inspired Alcantara® and added padded elements to eliminate hot spots. Additional soft cushion pad included.

High-tech polymer ceramic finish with custom forged carbon in-lay.

Large 63 mm patented planar speakers deliver the ABYSS signature sound with powerful bass.

The latest generation lambskin Diana ear pads made in-house by ABYSS with head-shaped foam and a 'pillow top' cushion that adapts to the shape of your head for long-term comfort with minimal clamping force.

Fibonacci side hole pattern properly tunes the sound while following a natural flow of air.

Headband size adjustments utilize magnets over magnets with no parts to wear for long-term reliability.

Updated headband design twists and flexes in sync with the cushion ear pads to perfectly contour to your head shape for a comfortable custom fitment. Fits 95% of users, large, tall, short, and small heads, Diana MR has a unique range of adjustability. For the last 5%, we have solutions, contact us directly if you find yourself there.

New custom hard carry case with velvet lined interior fits and protects Diana like a glove.

- Weight 390 grams (light)
- Impedance 30 ohms (lower)
- Sensitivity 93 dB/mw (medium)
- Recommended power 200 mW-1.5 watts
- Frequency response 5 Hz - 55 KHz (wide)
- Includes a high-quality headphone cable by JPS Labs, length 1.5 meter/5 FT, with 4.4 mm balanced plug.
- Includes a portable pocket sized iFi Audio GO Blu HD
- Bluetooth DAC / Headphone Amplifier which connects to the included headphone cable.

See separate Manufacturer's instructions included for a simple Bluetooth connection to your device. Issues or questions, contact the experts at ABYSS Headphones in New York at +1 716-288-9112, or email info@abyss-headphones.com


We CNC machine and finish all aluminum frame components, produce our patented planer speaker drivers, and skillfully assemble with stainless steel hardware, all within our own facility in Buffalo, New York, USA. The thinnest boutique headphone in the world sculpted from aircraft grade aluminum for incredible strength. High-tech durable ceramic polymer finish offers colors choices not available with other headphones in this class.

Sporty European leather headband with soft Alcantara® padding and head sling for a very comfortable fit. Latest generation Diana ear pads made in-house by ABYSS with soft foams and a 'pillow top' engineered to adapt to the shape of your head for comfort with minimal clamping force.

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Aftercare & Warranty

Two (2) Year Warranty, 10 Year Private Warranty if registered at ABYSS Headphones website.

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