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Petrus 2015


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Displays a floral character on the nose, with notes of lilacs, violets, truffles, chocolate, plums, cherries, mint leaf, spice, strawberry, and black raspberries. It is an elegant and refined Chateau Petrus that emphasises purity, balance, length, and energy rather than concentration. The wine exhibits a reserved personality, gradually building in intensity on the mid-palate before revealing its red fruit flavours and a subtle hint of salinity on the finish. The wine's length is impressive and seems to extend endlessly. The successful vintage is attributed, in part, to picking the grapes at the optimal time, which was 30 September and October 9, given the deep, blue clay soil.

300 ML Double Magnum

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What makes the terroir of Petrus so unique?
The clay soils of Petrus is at least 40 million years old to start. The thick gravel on the surrounding plateau is only 1 million years old. There are two layers of clay at Petrus. The topsoil of dark clay is 60 to 80 centimetres thick. But it's the unique subsoil that is not found in any other vineyard. This soil is packed with very dense, deep, dark blue clay.

When this type of clay absorbs water, it becomes impermeable. The water molecules are able to penetrate the interlayer molecular spaces of the clay. When the dry summer months arrive, the vines are still able to feed on the much needed moisture.

Most of the patch of blue clay on the Pomerol plateau is about 15 hectares in total. Petrus is unique as its entire 11.5 vineyard is right on top of the clay.
Each year, the winery produces 30,000 bottles, which are snapped up by French and foreign customers alike, despite the price tag, which is far from affordable. Indeed, Pétrus has been exported and has always been among the favorites of the greatest. Queen Elizabeth II even sprinkled her wedding dinner with this prestigious French product. This has done much to enhance the reputation of this vintage. The Kennedy family, Marilyn Monroe and Francis Bacon are among its many fans, and especially among those who have talked about it.

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